Working with FMEA analysis in distributed teams

Recently (and not only in the last months that passed under the slogan “home office”), the need to work with FMEA analysis in dispersed teams is becoming more and more evident. There are many reasons for this. Apart from the obvious – limitation of meetings due to the pandemic, there are two more “substantive” ones:

1) it is difficult to assemble a team with full competences in one plant, because some “departments” are located outside of it (sometimes even in another country) – remote work is necessary,
2) Due to tight deadlines, the analysis of a “large” process is carried out simultaneously by different teams that analyze the risks for different parts of the process – the need for parallel work.

In the case of the first cause, it is important to enable a clear visualization of working with FMEA (easy to understand “trees”, clear communication when determining risks, etc.). In the case of the second – it is necessary to easily “glue” a full analysis of what individual teams will do. It is hard to imagine the effective work of dispersed teams without the use of software dedicated to FMEA (typical spreadsheets will certainly not work here).

The PQ-FMEA + program has many built-in functionalities that enable remote work in distributed teams:

  • Ability to transfer phases between files (Generic and parallel operation)

PQ-FMEA + “uses” a unique tree structure that allows you to copy full branches of the structure, functions and errors (defects, causes and effects). In order to transfer selected phases to another file, it is enough to open two program windows and then use the copy / paste option.

Thanks to this, you can:

1) develop a Generic FMEA that can be used to create analyzes for specific projects,

2) divide the work of the team so that everyone is responsible for the preparation of a specific phase of the process – then one person will be able to easily create a coherent whole out of it.

przenoszenie faz między plikami PQ-FMEA

  • Visualization of the analysis in the form of structures / trees (convenient remote work)

In the PQ-FMEA + program, most of the FMEA analysis is created on a tree in which the content of the fields and their “meaning” are very clear. Thanks to this, group work on one analysis can run smoothly, without communication problems, even in the case of remote work.

wizualizacja analizy w postaci drzewa PQ-FMEA

The PQ-FMEA + program, thanks to its high intuitiveness and readability, makes working on FMEA analysis in a team convenient and effective. Subsequent updates will introduce new functionalities that will facilitate work in the program even more.


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