As experts in the field of quality management, we also offer a wide range of FMEA services. We carry out trainings, workshops, consultations and implementation projects in the subject of FMEA.

We conduct trainings in various variants: DFMEA, PFMEA, MFMEA, LFMEA, SFMEA, FMEA-MSR (also “combined” trainings) and with different levels of advancement. We provide them in a stationary and on-line version.

Examples of training topics implemented:

  • FMEA wg AIAG & VDA ed. 1. – full scope of the new standard
  • FMEA Analisys- any industries and any standards of work with FMEA (non-automotive companies)
  • FMEA acc. to AIAG & VDA ed. 1. – overview of changes in the new approach
  • FMEA in the PQ-FMEA program
  • Operation of the PQ-FMEA program – “technical” training
  • FMEA AIAG & VDA moderator ed. 1. – advanced training for FMEA leaders
  • other quality management training

The workshops are dedicated to groups that already know FMEA and want to work on examples from their own company. During these classes, the participants, together with the trainer, make a step-by-step FMEA for a selected process, product, machine, etc., thus improving their skills. Depending on the available time, it may be only an exemplary, standard FMEA fragment or a ready analysis for the entire project (e.g. the entire process).

Consultations are a proposal for people who want to improve and develop their FMEA. Our moderator will discuss the analysis prepared by the company, help eliminate possible errors and shortcomings and show how this analysis can be further developed. It is also a good time to answer any questions related to FMEA, as well as related methods and documents (inspection plans, SPC, MSA, work instructions, etc.).

The implementation of FMEA in an enterprise consists in the development of procedures and standards for risk analysis and its actual implementation in the organization. This includes, depending on the needs, GAP audit, documentation development, training, workshops, consultations, etc. The number of days needed for full implementation depends on the complexity of the processes and the team’s commitment.

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