The new version of PQ-FMEA combines standards

Recently a new version of the PQ-FMEA program has been released. FMEA analysis software has been adapted to the requirements of AIAG & VDA ed. 1.

Due to the fact that the analysis of the causes and effects of non-compliance can also be carried out according to the requirements of AIAG ed. 4 or VDA 4 program allows easy switching between individual sheets.

Currently, the program will carry out risk analysis according to three standards:

  • AIAG & VDA ed. 1
  • AIAG ed. 4
  • VDA 4

By staying on building the analysis on the tree and transferring data to the FMEA spreadsheet, the program continues to encourage that it is intuitive and easy to use.

The new version of the program contains many significant changes, including:

  • Expansion of the “Project data” tab with new fields (1st step of analysis according to AIAG & VDA ed. 1)
  • Tree breakdown into:
    • Black structure (2nd step of analysis according to AIAG & VDA ed. 1)
    • Green structure (third step of analysis according to AIAG & VDA ed. 1)
    • Red structure (4th step of analysis according to AIAG & VDA ed. 1)

The structures are connected with each other and the entered data are automatically transferred to subsequent trees.

  • The new form complies with the new standard.
  • Possibility of uploading old PQ-FMEA analyzes to a form consistent with the current standard and supplementing missing information.
  • Introduction of the AP (Action Priority) indicator with the table – the AP level is automatically selected based on the S, O and D grades entered. However, thanks to the ability to switch between standards, you can also check the RPN level at any time.
  • Embedding new SOD tables, the program now includes severity, occurrence and detectability tables from two manuals: AIAG ed. 4 and AIAG & VDA ed. 1.

In addition to the changes introduced, the program constantly monitors the consistency between FMEA, CP and PF and allows you to easily monitor the progress of tasks. Built-in statistics illustrate risk scales, and attractive appearance and how to build analysis facilitates team work.