PQ-FMEA demo

PQ-FMEA demo



Comparing the functionality of programs PQ-FMEA and PQ-FMEA+





1. Build a defect tree
2. Broken defect tree into 3 separate structures
3. Creating an FMEA sheet in accordance with the AIAG ed. 4, VDA 4 guidelines
4. Creating an FMEA sheet according to AIAG & VDA ed. 1
5. Built-in risk assessment tables: Defect severity (S), Frequency (O), Detectability (D)Compliant with AIAG ed.4 standards

6. Built-in risk assessment tables: Defect severity (S), occurencce (O), dettection (D)

Compliant with AIAG & VDA ed.1 standards


7. Ability to export / import SOD tables
8. Possibility to add your own symbols of special characteristics
9. Ability to hide phases (creating versions of one FMEA for e.g. different clients)
10. Possibility to add notes in FMEA sheet

11. Assigning tasks to specific employees along with deadlines
12. Generating and printing a list of tasks to be carried out by a given employee
13. Export / Import employee list
14. Ability to highlight reasons that meet given criteria (filtering)
15. Generate Pareto analysis
16. Generating a risk matrix: Defect severity (S) / Frequency (O) and Frequency (O) / Dettection (D)

17. Creating Control Plan (CP)
18. Adding photos in the Control Plan (CP)
19. Creating Process Flow Diagram (PF)
20. Ability to add your own symbols on PF
21. Eksport to *.xls ●*
FMEA AIAG ed. 4, VDA 4, CP, PF sheet
 FMEA AIAG ed. 4, VDA 4, arkusz FMEA AIAG & VDA, CP, PF sheet
22. Print
 FMEA AIAG ed. 4, VDA 4, CP, PF sheet, list of tasks

 FMEA AIAG ed. 4, VDA 4 sheet,  FMEA AIAG & VDA sheet, CP, PF, task list, revision history
23. Option to place the logotype on the FMEA form printout
24. Highlighting RPN depending on AP in the sheet FMEA AIAG ed. 4 and VDA 4
25. Automatic replenishment of defects and causes (with the possibility of exclusion)
26. Copying FMEA structure element (phases, functions, defects) between files (analysis)
27. Dedicated field for the history of the revision
28. Access structure
29. Text hints to describe e.g. prevention, control, effects

30. Program in Polish, English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and Russian

* Unavailable in demo