PQ-FMEA 2.2.1 update

Another PQ-FMEA update – 2.2.1 is available, including:

  • Table 5T

The program will allow to define  5 topics (5T) before starting the actual analysis:

1. Target of FMEA (inTent)

2. Timing

3. FMEA Team 

4. Tasks

5. Tools 

Detailed description of the 5T method


  • Quality Assistant

Based on the selected data, the program will suggest which numerical value to choose for detection (D) and incidence (O).

– DET – a hint based on the type and method of control

– OCC – a hint based on the result based on inconsistent pieces or on the basis of Cp / Cpk


If you do not have an active program update, please contact us.