PQ-FMEA 2.2.4 – update version

We present a new update of the PQ-FMEA + software.

What’s new in version 2.2.4?


1. Creating Generic analysis
2. Selecting elements for a given project configuration
3. Control characteristic for a phase function
4. Hints
5. Delete confirmation
6. Project data for the different configuration
7. Down, drop list


  1. 1. Special functionality for creating Generic analysis, consisting many process elements*

    The “G” button on the top panel of the program allows you to add a column called “Process” to the analysis, making it easy to create advanced and complex FMEA analysis.

    *Only available for PFMEA.

  2. 2. Selecting elements for a given project configuration


    Update 2.2.4 allows you to create a very clear project configuration.

    How? In the “Project configurations” panel select which elements you want to be visible in a given configuration –  you can create separate analyses for individual products / projects from a large “Generic” file.

  3. 3. Adding a control characteristic for a phase function



    In the latest update, it is possible to add control characteristics that are not included in the FMEA. To add such characteristics when defining the function of the process phase, select “Control characteristic” (without FMEA), and the program will block the possibility of adding cells in subsequent columns for this phase function and will create a fully editable row in the CP. This is a very important functionality that allows you to create control plans for the so-called control stations where risk analysis is approached differently.


  4. 4. Developed hints

    Hints are now available for most ** cells in the analysis. Additionally, it is possible to change the content of the tooltip in many places in the analysis simultaneously. When completing cells, just press the “Space” button to expand the list with hints that we have already entered into the analysis or imported.

    Hints can be imported and exported to other analysis.

    ** cells with hints:

    PFMEA: Process Phase, Process Element, Phase Function, Human, Machine, Environment, Method, Measurement, Material, Other, Control Method, Action Plan, No., Filtering Codes, Error Cause, Error Type, Work Item Function, Control / Prevention , Control / Monitoring, Potential Error Effect, Process Function, Classification, Sample Rate, Sample Size, Measurement System, Tolerances

    DFMEA: Next Level Up, High Level Function, Human, Machine, Environment, Method, Measure, Material, Other, Down Level Function, Next Level Down, Center Element Function, Central Element, Control / Prevention, Control / Monitoring, Potential Error Effect , Process function, Codes for filtration, Error cause, Error type.

  5. 5. Delete confirmation


    From now on, if you want to delete a cell with a link at a “lower” level of the analysis, a window with the links of a given cell and a query for deletion is displayed. If we select the “Delete Anyway” option, the cell is deleted along with its associations.

  6. 6. Create separate project data for the configuration

    We can create separate project data for each configuration in the “Project configurations” tab.

    Just go to “Project configurations” and then click the “Project data” button at the bottom. The new feature is extremely helpful for Generic FMEA when we want to set project data separately for a given process or customer.

  7. 7. New options in the drop-down list


    We have added new options in the drop-down list for cells described in the trees. Just hover over the cell and click the right mouse button. The two new features are:

    • Copy Below
    • Add below

    This solution significantly speeds up the process of creating “trees” and makes work easier.



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