Software update

Software update

We are constantly developing our software by introducing new functionalities.

After purchase, the program update and technical support is valid for 12 months and during this period all released new program versions are automatically downloaded.

After this period the cost of the update and technical support  is 10% of the current value of the license.

If you are interested in prolonging the update, please contact us by the contact form.

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The table presents program modifications in its subsequent versions.

Date of update Program version Modifications
2022-05  2.3.2
  • Statistics: AP risk summary, AP risk matrix.
  • Dedicated cell (“Failure Effect” and “Current Detection Control”) for the S and D rate.
  • Seting sequence of characteristics in control plan.
  • Improvement in removing the red check mark in control plan.
  • Save columns widths.
  • New languages: Italian and Hungarian.
  • Possibility to create an additional “prevention” column in the Control Plan.

  • Improvement of language versions.
  • Improvement control characteristic.
2021-08  2.2.4
  • Possibility to create Generic analyzes by pressing the “G” button, which adds the “Process” column to the analysis.
  • Advanced configuration of the project.
  • Possibility to add a control characteristic (without FMEA) for the phase function.
  • Extensive hints
  • Delete confirmation.
  • Possibility to create different project data for different configurations.
  • Option copy below and add below.
  • Export to xls. project data to the header in the sheets.
2020-12  2.2.1
  • Table 5T to define the 5 topics before starting the actual analysis.
  • Quality assistant – prompts for detection values (D) based on the type and method of control and the occurrence (O) based on the result based on failure items or based on Cp / Cpk.
2020-10  2.2.0
  • Special field for the revision history.
  • Access structure.
  • Autosave with setting its own frequency.
2020-06  2.1.4
  • Possibility of creating analysis according to the AIAG & VDA ed. 1 standard.
  • 3 separate tree structures
  • Option to switch between three standards with one click (AIAG & VDA, AIAG, VDA).
2019-10  1.21.2
  • Improvement of printing.
2019-06  1.21.1
  • New languages: German, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish.
  • Improvement of the RPN backlight color.
  • Improving the printout of forms.
2018-11 1.20.1
  • Depending on the AP level, the RPN backlight is colored with green L (low), yellow M (medium), red H (high).
  • Improved sheet display in portrait view
  • The ability to import and export SOD table between PFMEA and DFMEA.
2018-04 1.19.7
  • The ability to copy process phases between files, adding a character number column in the control plan, adding the possibility of displaying a list of hints after entering a space.
  • Correct display of cell division in the enlarged form view.
  • Correct display of line numbers in the FMEA sheet.
  • Update the function of adding images in the control plan.
2018-01 1.19.6
  • Cause auto-filling option added in the fault tree section and category marking feature added.
2017-10 1.19.5
  • Fault auto-filling option added in the fault tree section. To make it happen, it is necessary to finish the function with “z” or “a” letter (“zgodnie ze specyfikacją”/”according to specification”)

At present three new faults for this characteristics are added extra:

  •  X above specification (or English equivalent)
  •  X below specification (or English equivalent)
  •  X out of specification (or English equivalent)
2017-06 1.19.4
  • Form enlargement feature added (Ctrl + scroll).
  • ENTER key function changed into “OK”confirmation/close window option. New line ALT+ENTER added.
  • Column heading shortening feature added.
  • Correct closure of program and showing file extensions after WIN 10 pro update (JAVA errors eliminated).
2017-05 1.19.3
  • FMEA sheet printout improvement.
2017-04 1.19.2
  • Safety-related update handling.
  • Adaptation of relevant JAVA version.
2017-02 1.19.1
  • Increased safety, improved remote update function.
2017-01 1.19.0
  • Possibility of choosing which characteristics is to be visible in CP.
  • Risk matrix template update.
2016-11 1.18.3
  • Improved operation of VDA sheet.
2016-09 1.18.1
  • Information on active phase visibility configuration added.
  • Column headings updated.
  • Program branding changed.
2016-09 1.18.0
  • OxD risk matrix added.
  • Risk illumination in accordance with selected risk matrix.
  • Analysis file secured against simultaneous edition by several users.
2016-06 1.17.1
  • Program graphic layout changed.
  • Improved FMEA and CP functions.
  • Improved sorting and displaying RPN on Pareto diagram.
2016-06 1.17.0
  • Improved operation of field with control.
  • Column with notes for task printout added.
  • List of employee tasks – task deactivation option added in the list of tasks of a specific employee.
  • Possible to present risk (RPN) on Pareto diagram in three variants.
2016-05 1.16.0
  • Possible to print and export to XLS sheet compliant with VDA requirements.
  • Improved functions of field with control.
2016-05 1.15.6
  • Improved hint searching.
  • Improved line numbering function in AIAG form.
2016-05 1.15.5
  • Improved functions when switching into/from full-screen mode.
2016-05 1.15.4
  • Possible to mark colors on function, cause and fault tree on the diagram.
  • Updated instructions.
Previous modifications
  • Possible to build various versions of a specific analysis – phase hiding function.
  • Improved option “assign to fault” when adding control actions.
  • Possible to update the software remotely.
  • Possible to open analysis directly via file icon.
  • Improved operation of collapse/expand option at the fault tree level.
  • English setup version added.
  • File saving improved.
  • Full program use in English.
  • Improved displaying of data transferred from FMEA analysis to control plan.
  • Possible to add photos/drawings in control plans.
  • Improved process flow diagram printout.
  • Possible to delete symbols from process flow diagram via DELETE key.
  • Improved operation of data remembering option in control plan.