Here you can find answers to the program-operation problems which have not been specified in the instructions. They show how to carry out an analysis in our program. For more details about FMEA, please see the handbooks.

Trouble with opening a file?

In the case where there are messages about the problem with opening the PQ-FMEA file such as below:

check whether the anti-virus, eg Bitdefender does not block the program or Java.

In other cases, please contact us at: biuro@pq-fmea.pl

How to quickly copy, for example, lists of preventive actions

The easiest way is to open two windows that allow you to enter preventive activities – one already completed for the previous reason and the other new, blank ones. Then you can quickly copy texts between windows.

The contents of the file could not be read – a message in the program

The following message may be the result of opening the PQ-FMEA file created in the newer version of the program (eg if the file was created in version 1.20.1 there may be a problem with opening it in version 1.19.7).

If you do not want the error to occur, update the program to a newer version.

Invisible images in the catalog

If we cannot see files of images in the catalog, e.g. at establishing logo on the sheet, it can mean that we have other version software of Java.We should install the latest version of Java.

Analysis isn’t remembered

Sometimes happens, that the attempt of the recording of ready analysis is ineffective. Our advice – one should check that we  want to write in the catalog which is in the area of action of the administrator or other user, similarly as at the installation the program.

What are the hardware requirements?

PQ-FMEA does not need to satisfy high hardware requirements – Windows system and JAVA are enough. See the detailed specification below:

  • Windows operating system (XP or newer). To install and update the software, administrator’s privilege is required.
  • Java (version from 1.8.0, latest version recommended). If not available, the software will ask for approval when installing.
  • Hard disk space ca. 50 MB (not applicable to Java space)
  • Access to the Internet (required to update the software, permanent connection is not required).
  • Software is installed on a single computer, network  use is not feasible (an additional server is not required to operate the software).
  • Free RAM memory min. 512 MB, any graphic card (no special requirements).
  • To use particular options in the software, it is necessary to have the following:
    • PDF software (possible to open manual),
    • Microsoft Office software (readout of files exported to .xls format),
    • Any printer supported by Windows (for the purposes of printout)
  • It is not required to have database software.

Why to choose PQ-FMEA instead of other software?

Our product fills the gap between exhaustive FMEA analysis creation in Excel sheets and programs with advanced quality management tools which are not needed by persons or companies, but have to pay for them if they want to create more complex analyses. Our program lets users create FMEA analysis sheet easily and simply and concentrate on the very issue.

Assessment criteria (S, O, D) in Polish and English.

The program is available in Polish and English. It has default assessment criteria in these languages. When creating an analysis in a language, relevant criteria are activated. Since they are editable, the analysis file in Polish will have criteria in Polish, also when English variant is used. For this reason please pay attention to the language you choose before you create analyses.

Copying text from the cell.

Classic methods Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V do not work directly on cells. It is possible in the cell edition mode. You need to double-click the cell to open the dialog box, now you can copy or insert text.

Where should enter the license number?

It is not necessary because the license is coded in the file you have purchased.

I have installed the program but it is invisible.

When installing, Windows frequently requires administrator’s authorization and then automatically installs PQ-FMEA in the administrator’s account. Pay attention to installation path.

Installation file is not downloaded.

Sometimes anti-virus protection forbids downloading. If the problem recurs, please contact us.